Memory Mantra

Memory Mantra
Memory Mantra by Annie Kane and Tamsin Williams, in St Mary Magdalene Church, London. Photograph: Sarah McCutcheon.
Memory Mantra

Large-scale hand-printed book, 1996

During the summer after my degree I worked as an assistant technician at Lowick Print Workshop in the Lake District for six months and used the printmaking facilities when they were available.

Lowick Print Workshop was in the converted farmhouse Coal Yeat situated in the neighbouring field to Stainton Gap where I spent my teenage years. During that time the house had been abandoned and the owner lived in a caravan nearby with his dog. My stepfather and I found him dead (from old age) and I painted my memory of him surrounded by old cans and his mouth wide with a mouldy tongue for my GCSE art exam!

Memory Mantra was a large-scale book made in collaboration with my mother in memory of Lowick Common, the small fell on the southern tip of the National Park. The Mantra was devised through notes we left each other on the kitchen table (she lived down the road). The printed imagery was based on treasuring images of the wild landscape and the text was a dream about loss written by my mother, Annie Kane.

In 2002 the book was shown in a contemporary group exhibition Additions in St Mary Magdelene Church, Munster Square in London curated by CAP.

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